At O'Connor & Associates, we work with a wide range of clients, from private collectors to large corporations. While the collecting goals are different with each project, our process generally begins with an on-site meeting to determine appropriate locations for art, followed by a personalized presentation which helps us determine what resonates with the client and what does not. Gallery visits are often arranged at this stage in the consulting process. 

As we narrow in on what a client is interested in, the artwork is brought to the site, whenever possible, to determine its suitability. Once selections are made, we arrange for appropriate framing, lighting, and installation to assure proper placement and maximum impact. We document the collection according to our clients' needs, providing supporting materials, artists' bios, conservation instructions, and insurance valuations, when appropriate. 

The artwork we source for our clients comes from a combination of galleries, artist studios, art fairs, and auction houses throughout the world. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to determine the best sources and negotiate the best prices for our clients.